ڈراپ شپنگ کی مروجہ صورتوں کی شرعی حیثیت

ڈراپ شپنگ کی مروجہ صورتوں کی شرعی حیثیت


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Drop Shipping, Drop Shipping Legislation, Amazon Drop Shipping



Islam is a complete system of life and a religion that has been revealed for the problems of every age, and there is no precedent in the age that a problem has arisen and there is no answer to it in Islam, because Islam is the religion of nature and the nature of Islam. No matter how many problems have come, Islam has answered them and where other religions of the world are silent, Islam offers a solution to this problem, because the rest of the religions are stagnant and in order to solve new problems in Islam, the Sharia has given us the principle of ijtihad. Even today there are many modern problems in the world which are being solved by the principles of ijtihad and one of the important modern problems is the problem of drop shipping. And today these works are being done on a large scale. So we have to find out the Shariah point of drop shipping and present the Shariah point of view so that we can act accordingly.

In this paper, the definition of drop, what is drop shipping, how it works, and the historical aspect of it is discussed. In this way, their practical forms are discussed and both legal and illegal types of cases are discussed. In this way, the ownership is discussed. Ownership should be clear in taking a thing and selling it, thus possession has also been discussed that you must be in possession while giving a thing.