Role of Family Environment and Islamic Studies at University Level in the Promotion of Islamic Ethics and Values (Reality and Aspiration)


  • Hafsa Fatima IIUI
  • عبد القادر هارون أستاذ مساعد، قسم الدعوة والثقافة الإسلامية-الجامعة الإسلامية العالمية، إسلام آباد


Family environment, University, Islamic Studies, Islamic ethics and values.


Family is considered as the first building block of society as well as the basic source of knowledge for children. Islam provides strong ethical and moral foundations for raising children, creating balance, happiness contentment and tranquility in their life. In modern world, universities along with their curricula are considered as a hub of scholarship for professional life. The development of nation on Islamic ethical and moral grounds is the common goal of families and educational institutes in the Muslim world.

Psychological studies show that a person is what he sees, listens, and thinks. So, there should be a harmony of moral values between family and educational institutes like universities. And Islamic Studies should be taught with its spirit at university level to create a strong impact on the character building of the cream of society. Otherwise, conflicts arise in the Muslim society. Now it's the time to return back to our basics and observe guidance of Islam in this regard.

This Research paper on the topic "Role of the Family Environment and Islamic Studies at University level in the Promotion of Islamic Ethics and Values" highlights the aims and role of the Family and Islamic Studies (at University level) in ethical and moral development of the real asset of Muslim Ummah, the importance of cooperation and harmony, identification of problems and their causes in case of conflict between both of them and practical solutions in the light of Quran and Sunnah. The descriptive and deductive research methodologies have been used.

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