Dr. Muhammad Hamidullah and his efforts In Grooming of Preachers

A Descriptive Analytical Study


  • Abdul waheed shahzad student
  • د. ظهير الدين بهرام الأستاذ المساعد، أكاديمية الدعوة، الجامعة الإسلامية العالمية بإسلام آباد


Dr Muhammadullah, Grooming of Preachers


Dr. Muhammad Hamid Allah (late) is one of the Muslim scholars and preachers who were born in India, then migrated to the West and settled there. The reason for his migration from the motherland to the Europe was the invasion of the Nizam's territories by Indian Forces. While the Muslims were unable to expel them, Dr. Muhammad Hamidullah’s uncle Qazi Mahmoud (late) has suggested that he should migrate to the Europe, and start Da’wah (preaching) there. He devoted his life to convey the message of Islam and used the all means of communication in this mission, as his work was a legacy that he bequeathed to all Muslims in form of great knowledge and love for Islam.
Although he took France as a center for his Da’wah work in terms of geographical location, but his vision was global, as he had an important role in spreading the message of the Holy Qur’an, especially in the French language, as this translation had an impact on many French people and convinced them to embrace the Islam. In addition, we should not forget to mention Turkey and its people, where he used to teach in its universities officially and give valuable lectures for three months every year, and this work continued for twenty five years. He also held discussions and debates with orientalists and explained to them the true image of Islam. He focused on Dawah activity in the non-Muslim communities, as it is said that more than thirty thousand French people converted to Islam as result of his efforts.

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