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Shariah status, non-Muslims, participating in festivals


Islam is a complete code of life, its guidance exists in every aspect of life, whether it is a man, a woman, an individual life, a collective life, from birth to death, rules and instructions are found. But in the world where Muslims If they live there, there are also a large number of non-Muslims. Muslims have their own way of living, and non-Muslims have their own customs.

But when it comes to religion, both a society and within the society invite each other in their programs, while in these programs there are also some religious festivals, then Muslims also have to participate in such programs and religious festivals. So what is the status of the light of Shariat Muthara? Although the term "multi-religious society" is very common nowadays, it means a society and society in which people of different religions live, all follow their own religion, and also respect other religions, among them. May all kinds of happy relationships be developed.

Among the many objections to Islam, one objection is that it does not believe in a multi-religious society. He declares himself to be right and other religions to be false, and according to him, unity between truth and falsehood is not possible. Although the above-mentioned objection against Muslims is baseless because the Holy Prophet himself had established agreements and relations with Jews and non-Muslims in Madinah.

In the present age, the question arises in the minds of the common people, what is the guidance of Islam regarding the participation of non-Muslims in festivals? Similarly, some people ask why Islam does not allow its followers to participate in the joys of other religions. Prohibits? What are its reasons? Because one of the manifestations of friendship with the infidels is to participate in their festivals.

In this article, an effort will be made to answer these questions in detail so that the correct teachings of Islam regarding the participation of non-Muslims in festivals can be clarified in the minds of the general and special members of the Muslim society. But in this article, the famous festivals that are celebrated in the country of Pakistan will be discussed. Accept the effort, and grant us the opportunity to consider our enemy as an enemy.