The غیر مسلموں کے تہواروں میں شرکت کی شرعی حیثیت


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Shariah status, non-Muslims, participating in festivals


Islam is a complete code of life; its guidance exists in every aspect of life, whether it is a man or woman, an individual life or a collective life; from birth to death. But a large number of non-Muslims as well living there. The both have different way of life. As long as they live together, so they invite each other for various celebrations and festivals, whereas in these programs such are also have religious backgrounds.

So here questions emerge up that what is the status of Muslim Participation in the light of Sharia’h? Although the term "multi-religious society" is very common nowadays, it means a society in which people of different religions live together.

The primary Objective of this article is to answer these questions in details, so, that the correct teachings of Islam regarding the participation of non-Muslims in festivals.