Corona Pandemic: Psychological Problems and impacts

(In the light of Islamic Sharia)


  • Dr. Farhat Aziz Lahore College for Women University
  • Muhammad Yousuf Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad


Corona Pandemic, COVID 19, Psychological, Problems, impacts, Islamic Sharia


The coronavirus has spread terror, panic, and confusion. TV channels and anchors are trying to keep the public aware. Due to the lockdown, roads and streets, the city and the field are looking like a non-populated place. The roads in cities used to be jammed for six hours, but now they are deserted. There is an atmosphere of sadness and anxiety everywhere. The shadows of anxiety, worry and depression are getting deeper in people. In private practice, most patients come with cough, cold, flu and shortness of breath symptoms, most of them with reasonable symptoms. But every patient must ask this question from a doctor, Did I get coronary heart disease? "Am I safe from corona?" "Did I get a corona infection?" Doctors must reassure again and again that there is no such thing. New advertisements and advice on TV and social media are giving information to people but also have made the public mentally ill. As the number of patients increases, so does the anxiety and worry of the people. People do not understand what to do. Where to go as news of the lockdown comes on TV and in the media, there is growing anxiety among the people. The coronavirus has taken root in the world and is now spreading to all countries more dangerously. The steps taken by the government in this regard are commendable. The survival of the city now lies in the city's isolation. What is inside the house and its movement is limited to the four walls of the house, it is safe itself and can be helpful in keeping others safe because if one person in the house is infected with coronary heart disease then others will not be safe. So what is limited is really safe. The psychological & social impacts of the coronavirus are that most people become irritable, quarrelsome, and anxious. Most people are complaining of headaches and insomnia because of this. Many patients come and say that they have lost their appetite and sleep since the coronavirus came. So, in this article we will focus on the Corona Pandemic, psychological problems and impacts and its solutions In the light of Islamic Sharia

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